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Dr. Glenneicer Ffrench

Dr. Glenneicer Ffrench, hailing from Fort Wayne, IN, grew up immersed in the arts and music, actively participating in the orchestra and various artistic endeavors. During her time at R. Nelson Snider High School, she engaged in multiple orchestral and academic groups. Pursuing her education at Indiana University, she successfully earned degrees in Biology and Fine Arts. Driven by her passion for the amalgamation of health, art, science, and human interactions, she found her calling in dentistry. After completing her doctorate at Indiana University, she practiced in Lafayette before ultimately settling in Muncie, Indiana. Dr. Ffrench is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care while fostering meaningful connections with her patients. Her strong affinity for technology also attracted her to the dynamic and ever-evolving dental field. Dr. Ffrench’s passion for the industry led her to learn from distinguished dentists, acquiring invaluable knowledge and expertise. She deeply appreciates the significance of not only resolving dental issues but also enhancing their aesthetic appeal. This approach permeates her interactions with patients, as she is committed to assisting them in achieving their personal dental goals. With a genuine interest in understanding individual needs, our Muncie dentist fosters strong relationships with her patients, while prioritizing their overall well-being.


Hi my name is Rachael. I studied environmental biology in college and have a love for all things living. One of my favorite things to do is yard work and planting flowers. If I’m not at work you can find me spending time with my husband Eric and my two year old son Asher also known as “Boog”. We have a full house with 3 cats and 2 dogs. I love my family at Royal Family Dentistry and I love getting to know patients stories too!

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Hi! My name is Jes! I am the Scheduling Coordinator here at Royal Family Dentistry. I am a proud mom of 3 children, Sienna, Cohen, and Emerson. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend Robb and watching Christmas movies and documentaries. My favorite thing about dentistry is Orthodontics. The transformation from start to finish and the confidence it gives patients when they see the end result is very rewarding for me. The best part about working here is building relationships with our patients. We make the world a better place one smile at a time ❤️.


Hi, my name is Lorraine. I love the New York Jets, my miniature schnauzer Teddy and heavy metal music. I have been a dental assistant for almost 40 years. I have been blessed to have a job I love for all these years.

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