In-And-Out In One Day!

Here at Royal Family Dentistry in Muncie, IN, we take pride in our same-day crown service. Most of our crowns are made of porcelain, making your teeth look natural and beautiful. If you have a large filling or cavity, or if your tooth is cracked or broken, you may need a crown. They’re made to fully cover a tooth so that it may be restored and protected to its full function and esthetics.

Our Process

In the past, after the initial preparation stage, a lab would make the crown, which required a temporary crown to be made. This extended the process for weeks. Now we can complete the entire process in just one appointment, sometimes two appointments within the same day, with our E4D (CAD/CAM) technology. First, the tooth must be prepared for the crown to cover the tooth completely. Then the crown is made and cemented onto the tooth. Our crowns are made right here in our office, cutting down on the time you go without it. Say goodbye to messy molds, as our state-of-the-art technology will handle all of the work with ease and precision.
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Do you feel like you need a crown? Contact us and our dentist of professionals will help determine if, in fact, you are in need of a crown.

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